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At each of our units that process dried herbs and spices, wage spices has an examination system to ensure that all spices and herbs are free from any contamination and that they maintain their
natural flavor

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These include cumin, Black pepper, Black Seeds, Cloves, cardamom, white pepper, Rosemery, Coriander, Fennel among others

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A good product comes from high quality raw materials. For this reason, Wage focuses on buying only from those farmers that have endeavored to follow the recommended practices in growing and harvesting the spices and herbs. 

Organic Spices

100% Organic

Our Women groups and out growers are trained in permaculture and regenerative farming principles to produce the most natural spices.

75% sourced from small scale women farmers

Wage supports Women groups to grow quality spices. We then buy these spices, process and package them to meet your culinary expectations.

100% Healthy

Naturally grown!

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Most Trending Spices

Our organic Curry powder is affordable and fulfills the taste buds of the growing number of health conscious consumers. It has a unique taste and stands out in the market. It’s packed in jars of 100g, Porches of 300g  and 500g. We shall soon have Ugx 200 sachets to cater also for the low income communities. Our Curry powder market brand name is Wage Mchuzi Mix.

Cinnamon Powder

Antibacterial, Antifungal and antiviral, Full of antioxidants, Reduces blood pressure, Lowers blood cholesterol to normal, Improves digestion, Balances blood sugar levels, Builds strong bones, Anti- inflammatory, Has fiber, manganese, iron & calcium, Remedy for toothache & gum disease, Aids in infertility treatment, Gives a youthful skin, Reduces risk of cancer, Fights yeast infections, The scent repels insects, Good when you have a cold & flu.

Cardamom Powder

Helps with gastrointestinal disorders
Helps with body detoxification
It’s a breath freshener
Supports blood circulation
Supports weight loss
Reduces joint pains
Enhances sex drive
Reduces dental problems
Rids of insomnia (failing to sleep and staying asleep)

Turmeric Powder

It has anti-inflammatory properties. Helps in arthritis therapy, Prevents cancer by reducing growth of cancerous cells, Improves digestion, Boosts immunity, Lowers blood cholesterol to normal., Detoxifies the liver, Promotes weight loss, Helps in wound healing, Improves the skin health. Gives a glowing skin & tightens it., Prevents tooth decay, Improves memory, It has anti-aging properties, Balances blood sugar levels. 

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Prunus Africana Tea Supplement

It’s a solution for Kidney Disease and Prostate Enlargement. Taking Prunus Africana Tea is good for the health of your kidney but it plays a huge role in the health of men. It brings enlarged prostates back to normal. 

Mondia Whitei (Mulondo) Tea Supplement

Used as a Spice and Herbal Tea. Its roots have been used for generations in Africa to aid digestion, improve appetite and also as a
remedy for impotence and for bilharzia treatment.